samedi 1 août 2009

Oral drugs that can pack more of a punch

It may be the latest scientific trend, but Professor Simon Benita of the Hebrew University's School of Pharmacy has been working with nanotechnology since long before it had a name. His 25 years of research in nanotech has culminated in a new vehicle for oral drug delivery based on the microencapsulated double-coated nanocapsules that he developed.
Normally, our bodies' defenses would stop and break down orally administered drugs, so that we only benefit from about three-quarters of their potential effectiveness. Now, thanks to P-gpBypass, Benita's invention, important cancer and HIV drugs as well as a range of immunosupressants should be able to slip through those defenses to treat disease more effectively. The oral route is preferred, but only 40 percent of all drugs are water-soluble. This means that many drugs are administered intravenously, which is less effective and may lead to unpleasant side effects, or, they are delivered orally, in which case they have limited bioavailability.
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