mardi 6 octobre 2009

Israel presents the world’s smallest medical camera

The tiniest medical camera in the world, invented by an Israeli company, measures 0.05 inches, is cheap to produce and should eliminate the need for many invasive, costly and risky procedures. Seeing is believing when it comes to many medical diagnoses, and that often necessitates invasive surgical procedures, X-rays and radioactive dyes. But what if you could just use a camera?

Medigus, an Israeli company that specializes in developing innovative endoscopic devices and procedures, has teamed up with Tower Semiconductor to produce the world's smallest medical camera. The device, which measures 0.05 inches in diameter, can be incorporated into endoscopes so that doctors receive a direct visual of even the narrowest lumens (cavities or channels within tubular structures) in the body. This would eliminate the need for invasive surgeries, X-rays and other costly and sometimes risky procedures. Mounted on a disposable endoscope, the camera is also cheap to produce and doesn't need to be sterilized after each use.

Medigus has sent out samples to various companies and hopes to begin mass distribution in the first quarter of the coming year. The demand is already there, says Adi Frish, chief of business development at Medigus, adding: "We've been receiving requests on a large scale from device companies in different fields."
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