vendredi 26 février 2010

A revolution in heart disease diagnosis

A new imaging device from Israel can capture a still image of a beating heart, providing early diagnosis of the world's Number One killer disease. Today doctors treating heart patients often don't know whether a patient requires an invasive procedure until the procedure is in progress. Even though it's widely known that heart disease is the number one killer in the US and worldwide, there's a critical piece missing from its treatment - early diagnosis. By the time a patient has suffered a heart attack, the damage has already been done, yet that is precisely when most people discover that they have heart problems. A new invention from Israel that can provide a still image of the heart may supply the missing piece.

Dr. Ehud Dafni, CEO of Israeli company Arineta, has invented the first Computing Tomography (CT) imaging system that is specially designed for the heart. In the past, CT imaging of the heart was not possible because the organ is constantly in motion, beating. Recently, advanced technology has made it possible to capture a still image of the heart, but only with the use of expensive equipment that is not specifically designed for cardiac imaging and utilizes large amounts of radiation.
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