dimanche 14 juin 2009

Israeli company holds out promise of universal flu vaccine

Imagine if you could get one flu shot that would last for three to five years, and protect you from all the different strains of flu around the world? That's exactly what Israeli company BiondVax Pharmaceuticals is developing.

Unlike current flu vaccines which can only protect people from a few strains of the virus every year, BiondVax is developing a universal flu vaccine that could be effective against almost any type of flu, from the regular seasonal ones, to avian flu, and even pandemic flu viruses like swine flu.

The Ness Ziona based company is now poised to begin clinical trials of the vaccine in a Tel Aviv hospital.
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Source: article de Harvey Stein @ ISRAEL21c

- BiondVax, qui développe un vaccin capable de traiter tous les types de grippes, lance une nouvelle phase d’essais cliniques

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