mercredi 2 septembre 2009

Optoacoustics of Israel: using the power of light to deliver sound

When they needed a non-electrical, state-of-the-art device to facilitate communication in the MRI room, top US companies turned to Israel for the solution. We rely on electricity to power up most of our communications devices, but in some environments a different solution is required. On an oil rig, one spark can lead to a destructive inferno. And in a hospital MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) room, electrical interference disrupts both scanning and communications equipment.

Optoacoustics of Israel has what it describes as the only system available that enables effective communication in interventional MRI environments. With its device that uses the power of light to deliver sound, medical professionals can work smoothly and quietly during procedures and converse easily with both technicians and patients. Since medical intervention using MRI scanners is increasingly common, the need to communicate with patients during procedures is becoming ever more important.

"It [MRI] gives off no radiation, unlike CTs and x-rays, and the resolution is high," says Yuvi Kahana, CEO of Optoacoustics, who runs a slim and trim crew of seven based in Or Yehuda, near Tel Aviv. Founded in 2006, the self-funded company has optical-based communications systems in about 250 centers around the world that help to sync brain imaging and speech.

Turning to Israel for solutions : That's why, when faced with a serious need, companies like Siemens and the MD Anderson Center and organizations like the National Institutes of Health (NIH) approached the young Israeli company with a request to design a fiber optics communications device that would work in a "noisy" MRI room.
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