mercredi 2 septembre 2009

Suspect Detection Systems' technology can identify threats in real-time

Suspect Detection Systems Inc. (Bulletin Board: SDSS), a developer of proprietary counter-terror and crime prevention technology designed to identify threats in real-time, has signed a seven-digit contract with a federal agency of a major country to deploy the company's Cogito rapid interrogation system at a border crossing. Cogito is an automated system for identifying hostile intent by suspects within 5-7 minutes during an interrogation. The proprietary system can be set up at checkpoints, border crossings, crime scenes, and other locations, with the goal of identifying terrorists and criminals. The technology detects the hidden 'hostile intent' of assailants - before they commit their intended acts - with a remarkable degree of accuracy. The system can also be used after a crime has been committed to quickly identify criminals from among a pool of suspects.

Suspect Detection Systems CEO Shabtai Shoval said, "Our system was designed specifically to aid in the apprehension of terrorists and criminals at border crossings. We have worked tirelessly to develop a comprehensive system that can accurately identify suspects at any time of day or night, without the aid of experienced interrogators. We are confident that Cogito will contribute to a safer, less porous border."
Lire l'intégralité de l'article » (Source: article de Ron Steinblatt @ Globes)
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