jeudi 20 août 2009

Israeli-Dutch bike-baby carriage hybrid hopes to stroll to success

Is it a bike? Is it a stroller? No it's a Taga - a hybrid between a bicycle and a baby carriage, jointly produced by Israeli-Dutch designers. "A multifunctional urban vehicle for parents, not a bike or a stroller but a whole new concept," is the description of the Taga given by Hagai Barak, the general manager of the self-titled company producing this new invention.

Essentially the product is a cross between a bike and a baby carriage, which can be transformed within a minute into either. It was created over four years by a team of Israeli and Dutch designers, and is made for city and suburban living, where parents wish to get around quickly and easily, while simultaneously being able to go into shops and buildings one could not enter with a regular bike.

The Taga has won a host of prestigious awards, including the King-Jugend Innovation Award 2008, the Eurobike award and the Red Dot Design Award 2009.
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