jeudi 21 mai 2009

Israeli 'young scientists' earn two top prizes at int'l Intel science fair

Israeli teens who won top prizes in the Intel Israel Young Scientists Competition last March have now won second and fourth prizes in two categories at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair competition of 1,500 youths from 50 countries that was held in Reno, Nevada, this week. Shira Ahissar of Rehovot's Aharon Katzir School, who researched logical thinking in people with schizophrenia, won second prize in the behavioral science category.

Shahar Gvirtz and Yadid Algawi of the Dan Region Amit School - who used a home microwave oven and dried Fistia and Salvinia aquatic plants to remove most of the lead contaminants from water - came in fourth place in the category of research teams.

The inexpensive technique can be adapted to commercial use, including the cleaning of waste water for industry, urban gardening, agriculture and electric power production, they told The Jerusalem Post during the Jerusalem competition.
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Source: Article de Judy Siegel-Itzkovich @ TJP; Photo Intel

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