mercredi 21 octobre 2009

70 countries gather in TA to standardize electric car chargers

In a couple of years, when you can buy your mass market electric vehicle, you'll want to take it for a spin without worrying about converters or transformers to charge your car. While that seems fairly obvious, it is actually a huge international challenge. Consider other devices: cellphone chargers are not interchangeable between manufacturers, and DVDs are coded by region. Even electrical currents vary in different countries. So, how do you standardize all electric cars, batteries and charging infrastructures across countries and companies? The International Electrotechnical Commission is convening in Tel Aviv this week to begin figuring out exactly how to accomplish this. The 73rd IEC General Meeting has brought more than 1,200 private and public officials from 70 countries for a series of lectures and workshops designed to create a unified standard.

Holding the meeting in Tel Aviv is seen as a nod of recognition to the efforts of Israeli Shai Agassi and his company Better Place for pushing forward the electric car. Better Place is designing and installing charging points and battery switch stations for electric cars, as well as partnering with Renault to design an electric car.
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