jeudi 25 juin 2009

Dyslexics get it with Ghotit

Even with modern technology, online translation programs, and spell-checkers, dyslexics have a hard time getting around online. Especially today since more and more business communication is being done by email, messaging and twitters.

A dyslexic himself, Ofer Chermesh decided that he'd made enough mistakes in writing letters to business colleagues in emails. A deal breaker was one he'd written while working for the Israeli telecommunications company Comverse. Hoping to do business with British Telecom, Chermesh wrote an "enticing" email to his prospective business partner, a man, something along the lines of "looking forward to mating with you." It didn't go over very well. The business connection was never made, and unfortunately these kinds of common mistakes are "something that happens quite often to a dyslexic," Chermesh tells ISRAEL21c.
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Anti Boycott Israel blog: Dysléxie, Dysléxique
Source: article de Karin Kloosterman @ ISRAEL21c

Voir: Ghotit

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