mercredi 24 juin 2009

Finding critical links in trillions of data

He built and sold his first company, the text analytics firm ClearForest, for a cool $25 million to the news agency Reuters in April 2007, but Israel's 47 year-old text mining researcher, Ronen Feldman certainly has no plans to retire any time soon from the life of digital mining. Now working on his next company Digital Trowel, Feldman, who is famous in tech circles around the world, is creating even bigger and better tools that help researchers and readers gain a clearer understanding of what information Google and other search engines are indexing.

What keeps him mining? "It's the excitement of creating a new company. It's always inside of you. I could relax for a week and become bored. Then you have to do something," he tells ISRAEL21c. Known for coining the term "text mining", Feldman, an associate professor at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, started building ClearForest in 1998 with Dr. Yonatan Aumann, the son of Nobel Prize for Economics Laureate Prof. Israel Aumann. They sold it a decade later. Like many young Israelis who find themselves in intelligence positions in the army, Feldman was in the prestigious Talpiot program in the Israeli Air Force when he starting thinking of creative ways to make sifting through reams of intelligence data easier.
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Source: article de Karin Kloosterman @ ISRAEL21c

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