mardi 30 juin 2009

Israeli architect invents popular Sudoku spin-off

The Times in the UK was the first newspaper to start running Tredoku games in its pages.

When you open the morning paper you may find that alongside the traditional crossword and Sudoku games, there is now a new, complex form of Sudoku called Tredoku. The 3-D game, which has recently taken off and is in syndication in newspapers around the world, was invented by Israeli architect Eyal Amitzur.

What began as a design challenge for Amitzur is now an internationally popular game with its own Facebook group of more than 4,500 fans. Amitzur, 33, explains that the appeal of Tredoku is that it takes the same rules as the addictive Sudoku, but with the additional challenge of playing within three-dimensional shapes, which forces the player to use different methods to win the game. It's more fun, he points out, to play a game that doesn't look the same all the time. "For me the visual side of a game is very important," Amitzur tells ISRAEL21c.
Lire la suite » (Source: article de Ilana Teitelbaum @ ISRAEL21c)
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