samedi 13 juin 2009

Israel-US team kills breast cancer in the dark

With the alarming incidence of breast cancer in America -- one in eight women can expect to get it sometime in their life -- new solutions for women, their mothers, sisters, aunts, daughters and friends, cannot come fast enough.

An Israeli-American research team has stumbled onto a new and interesting find - a non-radiation based therapy that may provide relief for an aggressive and hard to treat breast cancer cell known as HER2+, but which could also have wider applications for treating all kinds of cancer. Breast cancer alone is the most common form of cancer among US women, and the second leading cause of death after lung cancer. About 200,000 women in the US alone had breast cancer in 2008, and about 40,000 will die from it each year.

Prof. Zeev Gross, from the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology has played no small role in the new research paper that shows positive results for the new non-radiation based therapy based on the chemical compound gallium corroles.
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Anti-Boycott Israel blog: cancer du sein
Source: article de Karin Kloosterman @ ISRAEL21c

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