lundi 8 juin 2009

Tal-Ya Water makes the most of dew

An Israeli company has developed a reusable plastic tray to collect dew from the air, reducing the need to water crops by up to 50 percent.

The ancient Israelites used stones to collect dew from the air, now the modern ones are taking the idea further. A new Israeli company Tal-Ya Water Technologies, which launched in May, promises to squeeze dew from the air for watering crops where water resources are precious or scarce. This new invention has a number of ecological benefits that go beyond simple water savings.

For about $1 a piece, per plant, a square serrated tray made from a special plastic composite sits directly on the ground. The reusable tray is fitted with a hole in the center for a plant to grow. Using non-PET recycled and recyclable plastic with UV filters, and a limestone additive, Tal-Ya's trays do not degrade in the sun or after the application of pesticides or fertilizers. An aluminium additive helps the trays -- about 70 cm by 70 cm for a pepper plant -- respond to shifts in temperature between night and day. When a change of 12 degrees centigrade occurs, dew forms on both surfaces of the Tal Ya tray, which funnels the dew and condensation straight to the plant and its roots. The trays are also made in larger sizes for trees, Avraham Tamir, the company head and inventor tells ISRAEL21c.
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Source: article de Karin Kloosterman @ ISRAEL21c

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