mercredi 1 juillet 2009

Heart health at the tip of your finger

Whoopi Goldberg [photo] tried the EndoPAT heart test on her finger during a recent episode of The View and came out smiling. After 15 minutes, the Israeli developed device was able to give her heart a passing grade. At least for the next seven years.

Developed by Itamar Medical, an Israeli company traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, the EndoPAT has been popular not only with celebrities, but also gets a seal of approval from America's doctors, and prestigious medical institutions like the Mayo Clinic.

Earning FDA status in 2003, the EndoPAT can measure the health of your heart using two small probes that hook up to each index finger. While there are other tests on the market like ultrasound tests to help clinicians assess if a patient has the early onset of heart disease, the EndoPAT looks further into the future -- up to seven years, sensing whether or not your arteries are losing elasticity. Like a blood pressure test on your finger "The test I'm talking about - a 15 minute test - is a probe on the finger and basically it works the way you take blood pressure," says Dr. Dov Reuven, the company's CEO. "We do the same thing and measure the stress of the arteries in the fingertips."
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