mercredi 29 juillet 2009

Students triumph at Chemistry Olympiad in UK

A team of Israeli students has triumphed at the 41st International Chemistry Olympiad at Cambridge University this week, winning gold and bronze medals in the week-long competition.

Two of Israel's four entrants were awarded medals at the contest. Assaf Mauda, an 11th-grader from Hadera High School, won a gold medal and was ranked second overall in the entire competition. At last year's Olympiad in Budapest, Mauda won a silver medal. His team-mate Evitar Degani, 15, also from Hadera High School, was awarded a bronze medal.

A total of 253 young scientists, making up 65 national teams, took part in the contest, including participants from Iran, Pakistan and Kuwait.
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Israël et les J.O. de chimie - surprise aux Olympiades de Chimie: victoire des lycéens israéliens

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