vendredi 10 juillet 2009

Keeping wandering grandmas safe

Almost every family has one: An aunt, parent or grandparent with dementia or Alzheimer's disease. The shenanigans they can get up to may make for humorous anecdotes at Sunday brunch, but their sad situation is a terribly painful story for everyone involved. And since many of those affected tend to wander off and get lost, you have a dangerous situation as well. Installed in over 500 long-term care and assisted living facilities for the elderly across the United States is a new solution from Israel. It promises to keep America's elderly safe. Home Free, a subsidiary of "Dmatek", has developed a large Swatch-like bracelet that keeps tabs on wandering relatives.

Called the Home Free Elite, the bracelet is worn like a watch and can alert nurses and healthcare professionals if a patient leaves a facility. "What we've done is taken the focus of the monitoring from the door to the patient," says Idit Mor, manager of corporate communications for Dmatek, which provides personal monitoring devices for law enforcement and eldercare industries worldwide. "Most other solutions monitor the door. We look after the patient."
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Anti Boycott Israel Blog: Gériatrie, maladie d'Alzheimer

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