lundi 13 juillet 2009

Israel's MobileRL revamps the media ratings reality

The old "Nielsen box" - that tells us who's watching what on TV - is about to become a relic of the low-tech past, asserts CEO Dave Springer of Israel's "Mobile Research Labs" (MobileRL).

Using an unobtrusive cell phone application, marketers and advertisers can now track what media consumers are tuning into - anytime, anywhere, and with far more accuracy than current media measurement systems provide. "We expect our technology to become the one companies in the media field look to for solutions to what have been, until now, their most pressing problems," says Springer, adding that US TV network NBC is ready to sign on with the MobileRL system as soon as it's ready for large-scale deployment. As everyone knows, television advertising is big business, with the most popular shows able to command a premium price for commercial breaks. To determine which shows are the most popular, broadcasters turn to companies like Nielsen (for TV) and Arbitron (for radio), to find out which programs are the most popular.
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